Video isn’t the next big thing. It is the big thing.

Content is king. And at the forefront of content is video. It’s a powerful way to convey your message and communicate a story, all the while engaging and building relationships with your customers and potential customers through meaningful content.

In a report from Cisco, by 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic and video-on-demand traffic will have almost trebled. This indication shows which way video is going, and that is up. Video is naturally engaging. With today’s digital world being overloaded with information, small business should create video content that is easily digestible so that people won’t move on. People now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, yes a goldfish, so capturing those viewers of your content in the first 8 seconds is vital.

So with video becoming an ever increasing method for people to consume their entertainment and information needs, small businesses must adapt this to their marketing strategy or risk falling behind. But I can’t possibly find the time to make resources is something you might be thinking? Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We published a blog a while back, How to Make Awesome Video Content With No Experience, which you can read below. It goes over the steps which you can take to make some great video content for your brand.

Need some more hard facts around video marketing to be convinced? Check out the infographic below, brought to you by the people over at Hyperfine Media, which takes a look at 31 must-know facts around video marketing stats. Take a look, there’re some really interesting facts that will surprise you.

If your looking to create some video content but just don’t think you’ll ever find the time, get in touch with the team at Grow Digital Marketingto find out how we can create some great video content for you!

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