The internet is a great invention for businesses because you can reach millions of potential customers online in minutes. But you need to understand how to utilise it correctly if you want the best results. That’s where content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation comes into play. Content marketing is a new business and marketing method where clients are drawn to your website because of an informative blog post that features keywords, which would show up in a google search. These keywords are referred to as SEOs. Using SEOs greatly increases your chances of being seen online if done correctly. Keep reading for tips on making your content pop:

1. Easy to Read

Most readers don’t want to read a whole lot of information, so you want to make it accessible for everyone. The first way to make it simpler is to use short paragraphs. Big blocks of text are visually unappealing and aren’t exactly inviting for readers. Keep paragraphs concise and to the point, and it is encouraged to use headings and subheadings to identify each paragraph (kind of like this one). Lists and bullet points are also helpful, and categorise topics in a much more clear format. Consider the fact that everyone has different education levels, so you want to accommodate as many readers as you can, rather than alienate potential customers.

2. Images

Humans are visual creatures,  therefore a website with just text will not capture the attention of your potential customers. Images and graphic representations are a great addition to any website and will inevitably attract more attention. Include photos that clients can relate to as well as images of your business. Perhaps you want to include images of customers being helped. A visually appealing website is a great marketing tool, so spend extra time trying to make it perfect. Also, makes sure it matches your overall image and brand to give customers a better idea of what they should expect.

3. Good Writing

Precise and grammatically correct writing is imperative when using content marketing. Poor grammar is a huge turn-off for people because it makes you and your business seem less professional and reliable. As silly as it may sound, a good impression is important. You also need to ensure that you include those SEOs we mentioned earlier, as this will have a positive impact on your organic search rankings. Think about terms that a potential client may google and embed them in your writing in a way that makes them seem organic. When in doubt, hire a copywriter or copywriting service to produce quality writing.

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